​She was born just like you,

Then why is she just like an object to you?

She breathes just like you,

Then why is she just like a toy to you?

She has lots of stuff to do,

She wasn’t born just to get that white shit out of you.

The womb is in her body,

Then why is the baby chosen by you?

She fed him for 9 months,

Then why the son belongs to you?

She was born just like you,

Then why can’t she just live like you?


Why does she have to cut her wings because of you????

I don’t know if you have a sister or not, but you do have a mother. Just imagine how difficult and hard we (boys) have made their lives. Every girl has to think, I don’t know, hundreds of times before doing something in public. She can’t smile at you, because then you might think she’s interested in you. She can’t walk on the streets alone, even her own brother asks her not to go outside alone. She can’t go to market with her friend because people will say that there is something going on between those two.

Rather than giving instructions to girls, can’t we just teach boys how to be gentlemen? 

I can never understand how hard it is to live the life of a girl but I’m damn sure, it’s none the less than living a life in a cage.

Guys before teasing, throwing comments, insulting and judging any girl please, for once, think about your mother. What if somebody does the same thing with her?

I hope I could make it clear and I hope, one day, girls will also be able to live their lives with full freedom.

Thanks for reading…


74 thoughts on “She.

  1. Firstly Thank You! Thank you for the respect that still exists and thank you for posting telling all those who read you. Voice is important,one voice promotes another that’s how society will change. About commenting the most common thing people comment on is the clothes that girls wear. You can’t blame her clothes for rape cases. How blinded we are! Still if one boy speaks another hundred would atleast have a thought of respecting women. Great post! And the idea was wonderful!👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

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    1. Thank-you…
      And I agree clothes have nothing to do with rape. There are rape victims who were wearing burka. And the funny thing is, most of the people who say clothes are the reason that the girl got raped, always ask to wear sari. I think they never saw Mahabharata​. You idiots, Draupadi was wearing sari only. Yeah I know nobody raped her, but Draupadi cheer haran shows that it’s just a sick mind behind any of that shit happening in the world….

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      1. Great talk man! People are sick and draupadi is such a great example. It is basically a mindset. Equality is a mindset, clothes don’t define people. I appreciate your effort!👍

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  2. Good to know that you have so much of respect for women. Although I believe​ that for most women it is not as difficult as ‘living in a cage’, it speaks for those who still lack freedom. A powerful post. 🐼

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    1. I’m no legend. I’m just a brother, who accidently asked his sister”How hard is it to be a girl?”. Her reply made me angry. Why a girl always has to think before doing anything?.. I don’t think before doing anything.
      While thinking on this I came to a point when I realised that I’m also involved in this. I was always telling her don’t do this, don’t go anywhere alone, don’t mess with boys blah blah blah. That made her feel like living under a shadow. And I don’t even know her for like a year. What about those girls who were born with an elder brother?
      Don’t you think, they would be living their lives in cage?…
      Thanks Princess👑.. Your comment meant a lot..😊✌

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  3. Appreciate your effort in raising voice. Yes, the attitude must be changed. And you know it’s not merely about changing the attitude of a man..she also must change.. First of all she need to come out of the prejudice notion of treating herself as an object…

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      1. We are the change, we will bring about the chance. The responsibility is bestowed on our generation… we will change the mindsets of our and the next gen…

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  4. A wonderfully penned and a thought provoking composition. People say that youth nowadays does not listen to the elders, doesn’t pay attention towards them. But it’s not the fact. I salute you for making a step towards it. It’s a good initiative. Keep writing and make us smile and proud.

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    1. I think every guy, who has a sister, respects women. But maximum of them do not try to protect any unknown lady just because they doubt if she will take a stand after that. I hope girls start taking stand for themselves.
      I told one of my cousins “if any guy messes up with you, don’t call me before slapping him real hard.”
      May God bless everyone.

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      1. Woaa… This was soo appropriate. I know how traumatising it is to face someone who is ready to rip your clothes off. It takes a lot, lot, lot, of courage to merely stand in front of them. I salute all the women who have come through it. Because at the end she herself becomes the accused. Wearing less, talking frankly, laughing loudly – these are the baseless features that make her characterless. And before any listening, our “society” has already given the verdict that ‘girl must have seduced him.’
        It gets more and more depressing as I keep on speaking about this. I have many wishes, but I just hope that mentality of the people changes ASAP.

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      2. It’s very easy to face a guy who is ready to hurt you. I don’t know why you girls always forget that we, the “boys”, have balls. Trust me, one hit on them is equal to at least 5 minutes of immense pain. So use your brain and the guy won’t be able to use his 2 small brains down there.
        Our so called “society” is changing and will be completely changed after 2-3 generations, and that is ASAP according to India’s nature of developing on a slow pace.

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      3. About talking frankly, I always ask the girls I know, please don’t do that. Be introvert when you just started knowing someone. And when you BELIEVE the guy is not bad, then go frank with him. Maximum guys take your frankness in a wrong way. They think if the girl is frank, she’s definitely interested in them. If the girl held my hand just for some support, “OH MY GOD, she was holding my hand. Dude she’s interested in me.”
        And this one 👆 is from a real incident.
        They don’t care if there’s a huge difference between them and the girl. All they have in their mind is, she smiled at me, she held my hand, she sat next to me, she was standing so close to me, blah! blah! blah!….
        Girls, please don’t trust guys on just 1st meeting. Prob them and when you’re satisfied, then go frank with them otherwise I’m damn sure there are eyes, very close to you, ripping your clothes every day.
        And this is the saddest truth.

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      4. You are right. I agree. And this is exactly what needs to be changed. And if it takes 2 to 3 generations be it so. Atleast it is changing.
        Anyways, there are many things to say. But, that would be alot. Let’s just keep doing our part in the best way.

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      5. Listen, never say that again. If there’s something bothering you, tell as many people as you can. If you won’t get solution at least others will be cautious. Always try to tell others what you have faced. If we won’t speak, there will be no change. I wouldn’t have ever posted this if my sister didn’t tell me how she feels. If girls will speak only then boys can understand their problems and vice-versa.
        If there are some other problems, that I’m sure are, write them on your blog, in your comments, tell your friends. And then, my dear, society will change even faster.

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      6. No I am not a kind who suffers mutely. My father is a single parent and has managed to teach me everything that is needed to be taught about the protection of my self respect. I have helped few girls in trouble and thus, boys don’t like me alot. There is this certain kind of rage, in every girl, for the society. The day I will feel safe on roads at night, I will be satisfied as a girl. I have also blogged about it. Some read, some don’t. Some agree. Some incorporate. And some just swipe it away. Only talking is not the way of bringing change. Doing is. Doing something daily.

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    1. I Loved it.
      No offence, but I didn’t like one line and would like to amend it..
      “She is a one man army”
      “She alone is an army”
      Why using the word “man” to describe her?
      And in the last line..if you write “turned” in the place of “transformed” then, I think, it might sound better….
      Do tell me what you think about it?..

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      1. I know man is not a gender over there but just think where does that idiom come from?
        “One Man Army”…
        Army used to have only men. It’s just with time people started taking “man” in this as just a countable person.
        I sure will keep visiting..

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  5. Beautiful post with the thoughtful message. I’m pleased to know that you have raised this issue and portray your views here. This problem can be solved if boys or others think in the same way like you do. A true gentleman never commit sin and always show respect to Women. Time has changed and it has become very difficult for girls safety. I have written a poem on Women Harrassment. If you get time, please check it out. I will love to hear your views on it.

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  6. I thank you for speaking up about this issue through writing. It’s something every one must constantly think about. Women are our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers yet in many cultures they are still looked at as objects.🙏

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    1. It’s an embarrassing reality of the world. We boys don’t respect the girls out of our families. But we demand respect for our mothers, sisters and all other girls who are part of our lives….
      Thanks for stopping by…


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